Something to keep in mind…

Read a reasonable piece of the article, and put it out of your mind. Nothing you should seriously worry about now anyway, but an interesting piece of information that you should be aware of. Most of you know I don’t believe the official stories of 9/11, JFK, OKC, and numerous other “conspiracy theories,” but I am so convinced that the “official” versions of these events are untrue that I will gladly stand and debate anybody on these subjects including going public about it, but I’m not writing this to convince you to investigate those events.

What I do ask however, is that if something awful and tragic occurs again, not to be so quick to take the official side, and even worse, to blindly take their word for it. You may laugh, but I’m dead serious when I say I believe there are people within our (government structure) that will do any number of horrible things to us if it benefits them and they think they can get away with it. I also don’t want you to take my word and point of view for what happens either, just please don’t take theirs until you’ve heard all the facts and have finished your OWN research.

I sincerely hope it turns out that the “government” has been telling us the truth about everything and that it’s just me that’s a “kooky conspiracy theorist.” However, if I am right, and we continue to allow these people to hurt us with staged terror events, than it’s possible that we will eventually get what we deserve for allowing it, and that’s something I really DON’T want to think about…

(originally posted 11-7-10)

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